Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Preemptive weeding

Tonight, while I was watching the Children's desk, I looked through the early readers to see if there were any we could toss before I began relabeling them. Unfortunately, there were many that were in bad shape. The circulation statistics weren't great on most of them, either. I guess people don't want to check out books that are in disrepair, and I don't blame them. I gave the ones I pulled to Eileen so she could make a final decision on them. She wanted to get new copies if possible. Unfortunately, many of the titles are out of print. There were a number of classics there, too. They're in bad shape, though, and can't stay in the collection. It makes me sad that a lot of marginal books endure while classics go out of print. She is going to order new copies of ones she can. For example, our copy of The Best Nest by P.D. Eastman is a little tired, so she's going to get a second copy. I know she intends on getting more Cynthia Rylant early readers, too, because those get a lot of use.

The plan for this second part is as follows:

1. Change call numbers on early and first readers to the first three letters of the authors' last name.
2. Relabel books.
3. Move books around the corner to where books to share were previously.
4. Move shelves to a more eye-level height and discontinue shelving books on the bottom of the shelf unit, allowing for better access.

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