Saturday, November 1, 2008

Eileen's evaluation of my work so far

Eileen had the following to say for my one month evaluation:

Date of evaluation: October 31, 2008

Evaluation of your Mentoring Plan:


You have taken on a tremendous task with this project. I believe the goals and objectives will be met and ultimately the Library users will benefit from all your hard work. Being organized in your approach was necessary due to the many phases of this project. You were able to have a broad over view of the numerous collections that would be effected and planned accordingly so as not to create any obstacles for patron use of materials. The initial steps included shifting audio books and music and the entire Reference collection in order to provide space for “Books to Share”. This strategy proved to be effective because at no time during this project have books been located on carts, but rather moved seamlessly from shelf to shelf so patrons could easily locate materials throughout the relocation. The “Books to Share” have already been re-labeled and almost all of them have been moved to the new location. Considering the size of “Books to Share” you have been able to complete the re-labeling and relocating quite quickly and effectively. I look forward to the next phases of this project which will impact the Early Reader collection by making it more cohesive. Keep up the good work!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Finished with part 1!

I finished moving and relabeling the books to share. They look great in their new spot and they're all properly alphabetized. Right now it's probably the only collection in the entire library that is in perfect alphabetical order, and as I write this, someone has messed it up. We'll see if the circulation picks up. I've also put a check-in note on all the books to share that are currently checked out so I can change them over when they come back to the library. Some I can't find, so I put traces on those. We use Horizon as our ILS, so check-in notes and traces are built into that. I had just enough room for the collection. I'm sure we'll weed as necessary, as well. My next step is to tackle the early readers and first readers, merge them into one collection, and move them to their new home.