Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Finished with part 1!

I finished moving and relabeling the books to share. They look great in their new spot and they're all properly alphabetized. Right now it's probably the only collection in the entire library that is in perfect alphabetical order, and as I write this, someone has messed it up. We'll see if the circulation picks up. I've also put a check-in note on all the books to share that are currently checked out so I can change them over when they come back to the library. Some I can't find, so I put traces on those. We use Horizon as our ILS, so check-in notes and traces are built into that. I had just enough room for the collection. I'm sure we'll weed as necessary, as well. My next step is to tackle the early readers and first readers, merge them into one collection, and move them to their new home.

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