Friday, November 28, 2008

R through Z

I pulled the books that were in need of weeding and deleted them from the system. I was able to find two thirds of the list, which is pretty decent. Books get misplaced all the time in Children's, so I consider being able to find more than half a success!

At present, I'm writing my paper, but I wanted to squeeze in a few more journal entries as my time winds down. I've relabeled through the letter P in the early and first readers. Since it's a holiday weekend, we have some returning college students helping out at the library who were unaware of my project. Once they figure out where everything is, it makes sense, but there is an initial period of "where did those books go?" There is a consensus that having the three letters of the author's last name on the spine label is helpful, however. We'll all get used to the new layout.

I'm almost finished! I'll continue this after my time is up for the project, which will just be the letters R through Z. I feel like I've definitely done a good thing by doing this project. I hope patrons will feel the same way.

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