Thursday, September 18, 2008

Project proposal

Here's the text of the proposal I sent to Professor De Abreu:

"The Wilton Library has recently hired a new children's librarian and I intend to work with her for my final project. The main goal of this project is to consolidate some of the smaller collections in the children's library to 1) make the collection more cohesive and 2) make signage reflect what is actually on the shelves. This will require the following:

1) Shifting a significant portion of materials, including all books on tape, audio CDs, and children's reference materials.
2) Developing a new collection code for the concept picture books. These books are currently called "books to share."
3) Moving the "books to share" to a more appropriate location. They are currently shelved near the picture books, but since they deal with some heavier topics, they need to be moved to serve a different age group.
4) Relabeling the "books to share" with the new collection name and creating signage.
5) Consolidate the numerous collections of early readers into one collection, relabel them, and integrate the collections.

Please let me know if this sounds satisfactory!

Thank you,

Marissa Antosh"

I hope it made sense. It's hard to describe what I intend to do without being able to show the collections and how the library is laid out.

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